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  • " Dean represented me for a DUI charge. He knows the courts, the prosecutors, the judges, and the courtroom staff. My final verdict? Not guilty, case dismissed. He saved my career. Dean and his partners are who you want defending you for a DUI charge on Oahu. "

    Dan C.

    Waipahu, HI

    Review via Yelp.com

    " Thanks to mr. dean hoe I got out of my DUI (case dismissed).
    He took care of everything he called n reminded me couple days prior to my court dates making sure I appear he did all his homework to make sure I would get my license Bk being I am a truck driver. THANK YOU "

    Vernadine V.

    Waianae, HI

    Review via Yelp.com

    " Dean Hoe is handsdown the best choice I have ever made for a Lawyer!! He helped me win a DUI case that seemed impossible to win. His confidence is remarkable. He is a very reliable and professional Lawyer. The best part - he is very affordable! Great price for Quality work! Thank you so much for your help and support!!! Thanks to you I can transition out of the military in Peace! If you're in a tight spot, I promise you that Dean Hoe will do his best to win your case! Thanks again Dean your the best!  "

    Jose G.

    Waipahu, HI

    Review via Yelp.com

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    " I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Cunney's law offices a couple of times over the past six months. They handled my cases with the utmost professionalism. When I went in they explained what I was up against and how much everything would cost. These guys know what they are doing. My ADLRO and DUI were dismissed and I pleaded no contest to the refusal to blow. This was by far the best out come I could have hoped for. The secretaries always kept me informed as to when and where I was to appear in court. My cases were by no means a walk in the park. There relationships with the prosecutors had to have a positive effect on my outcome. I highly recommend this law firm "

    5 Star Review from Thomas D.

    Review Source: YELP.com

    " Basically I'm not a smart guy when It comes to drinking and driving probably because I never got caught when I was younger. Couple years back I was pulled over and charged with DUI. I was referred to this firm by a good friend and I'm so happy that I did. I was represented by Dean and he helped me every step of the way and made me feel reassured that we could win both on the adlro and criminal side and we did...he saved my job. I couldn't have asked more. Hopefully I won't get into trouble again, but if I ever do...I know exactly who to call "

    5 Star Review from Paul W.

    Review Source: YELP.com

    " 5 STARS SERVICE!!!
    I was wrong and decided that I wanted to drive after a few to many drinks. Long story short I got arrested, blew over the limit and was charged for a DUI. All I have to say is after a few court dates the verdict was Dismissed with prejudice. No charges no bad record. Mr Dean Hoe is the lawyer to have. I recommend for any type of traffic violations. They always kept me in the loop, the secretaries are always on point with info or questions that I needed to ask and they always gave me a friendly reminder about my upcoming court dates."

    5 Star Review from Martin A.

    Review Source: YELP.com

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    - Attorney Dean C.M. Hoe

  • DUI Lawyer Hawaii | From The Desk of Dean C.M. Hoe

    dui lawyer hawaii: Law Office of Dean C.M. Hoe

    If you, a friend, co-worker, or loved one has been arrested for DUI, the circumstances can be very distressing. We would like to offer you an opportunity to meet with us to answer any questions you might have concerning a recent DUI Arrest and Driver’s License Revocation.


    Our Firm concentrates its practice in the area of DUI Defense in Hawaii. I deal routinely with the judges and prosecutors throughout Honolulu and am familiar with the intricacies of the local system. As a Criminal Defense Attorney, I have represented countless DUI Case Clients in Hawaii.


    Some questions you may need answered are:

    1. If the arresting officer took my license, what can I do to get it back?
    2.  Am I still able to contest the stop and arrest by police?
    3.  What will happen to me for driving without a license or auto insurance
    4.  What if I lose and don’t fight my case? Will I go to jail if I get caught driving?
    5.  What is ignition interlock and how does it work?
    6.   What can I do to avoid installing ignition interlock in my car?

    *Effective January 01, 2011 the DUI Law has undergone a significant change with installation of the interlock device*


    PLEASE NOTE: The law imposes certain deadlines that you must meet in order to protect your rights. For example, If your license was taken at the time of your arrest, and the ADLRO notifies you that your license is revoked, you must act to protect your license within the mandatory statutory period of (60 Days). or YOU WILL LOSE YOUR LICENSE WITHOUT A HEARING.

    In order to have the above questions and any other related questions answered, you are invited to call my office for a Free Consultation and Evaluation of your case. Making an appointment may just make the difference between winning your case and losing your license.


    Over 9,500 clients Represented. Let our 50+ Years of Experience work for you. We only represent defendants we believe we can help.



    Dean C.M. Hoe

    Attorney at Law

    Hawaii DUI Attorney

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